This document sets out the Terms and Conditions between VETA and the student. It is assumed the student has carefully read and understood this document prior to accepting an offer of admittance.


There will be a summative assessment at the end of year one and year two. Students will be required to pass these assessments to be permitted to progress to second year or to graduate.


Whilst not having its own halls of residence, VETA will be happy to support you in finding suitable accommodation in the city.. 


VETA reserves the right to cancel any programme of study offered prior to its commencement under which circumstance VETA will return any deposit and/or course fees already paid. In this circumstance the audition fee will also be refunded.    

Disclosure of criminal convictions

As part of the admissions process, as a condition of accepting a place at VETA, and on a continuing basis, the student is required to disclose any relevant, unspent criminal convictions.

Effects of  cancellation

If the student elects to cancel their contract, they can do so within 14 days of confirmation of payment of the deposit. VETA will reimburse all payments received, excluding any payments made for interview or audition, as this service will already have been provided.


Students will be responsible for their own health insurance. 

Limitation of liability

VETA shall accept no liability for any loss or damage at any times, including any auditions or other activities whether organised by VETA or otherwise, save to the extent that such injury shall be caused by the negligence of VETA.

VETA shall accept no liability for any failure or delay in performance of any of its obligations and shall not be liable for the return of any fees or make any compensation where the inability to perform has arisen from or is attributable to acts, events or omissions beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to fire, flood, weather, accidental damage, structural or failure of utility service.

It shall be the responsibility of the student to maintain adequate personal insurance against their personal belongings at all times.

Damage or loss to VETA’s property or property hired by VETA will remain the responsibility of the student and must be paid for by the student.

VETA does not warrant that any specific number of European Credit Transfer Association Credits will be recognised or awarded by external bodies in recognition of the learning undertaken during the course of study. 

VETA does not warrant that the student will have any particular skill or expertise at the end of any course and in particular accepts no liability and does not warrant that the student will secure employment whether full or part-time or otherwise. 


Tuition  A paid deposit is an accepted, mutual contract, and is non-refundable beyond the time period outlined in “Student’s Right to Cancel”, below. At this point, VETA agrees to and is then obliged to provide the education promised. Once the school year commences, refunds are no longer available. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all deposits, tuition and other fees and charges payable to VETA are paid when due. If for any reason the student ceases their relationship with VETA, they may still be liable for any outstanding fees and charges. There is a discount of € 200.00 if yearly tuition is paid in full before start of first semester. 

Deposits  In order to reserve a place at VETA, a deposit is required. This is non-refundable beyond the terms outlined in “Student’s Right to Cancel”, below. The deposit will then be deducted from tuition at registration. 

right to vary terms

VETA makes all reasonable efforts to deliver the programmes of study, opportunities and other services in these terms and conditions. However, VETA may, under certain circumstances, be required to:

• make reasonable variation to the content or syllabus of course
• alter the timetable, location, and schedule of assessment when necessary
• change the course leader and other academic staff

student’s right to cancel

A legal contract is formed with VETA by a written confirmation of receipt of the tuition deposit. The student has the right to cancel this contract within 14 calendar days of receiving the above communication without giving any reason. To exercise the right to cancel, the student must inform VETA of their decision in writing by sending a letter by a recorded and trackable delivery method to VETA’s admission office. The date of signatory of receipt at VETA will be taken as the date of cancellation.

Termination of Contract by VETA

Termination of the contract by definition means the end of the student’s registration at VETA and the loss of their place in the programme of study. The circumstances in which VETA may terminate the contract include:

• the student’s failure to adhere to the terms and conditions contained in this document
• misrepresentation by the student during the process of admission, or registration or at any other time during the contract
• the student’s failure to register at the start of their course, or to re-register on the anniversary of their original registration
• the student’s non-disclosure of relevant and unspent criminal convictions
• the student’s failure to comply with the terms of a visa and/or the regulations of the MA35
• the student’s failure to pay applicable fees and/or charges
• the student’s class attendance record falling below requirement
• gross misconduct on the part of the student that brings VETA into disrepute

Students who receive a scholarship will need to satisfy a number of requirements, which include but are not limited to attendance, general behavior and working within the ensemble, as well as bullet points listed above. If these requirements are not met, the scholarship award will be withdrawn and students will be required to return the full amount of the award for the year.


VETA welcomes international students, but is unable to procure a residence permit or visa for non-EU applicants.