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An actor's journey begins with a strong will, an open mind, and an active imagination. Our acting programme is designed to expose students to a variety of methods and approaches that will broaden their artistic horizons through topics such as observation, ensemble, improvisation, devising, storytelling, stage presence, self-awareness and active listening, using text to explore relationships, and an understanding of actions, objectives, and character. 


A strong physical presence and an understanding of how the body moves is crucial to the development of an actor. Our programme explores the essentials of movement in theatre practice, including body awareness, tension release, agility and stamina, body language and physical expression. 

VOICE & Singing

The voice and singing element consists of the study of the voice as an instrument for communication in both song and text. Voice topics include projection, articulation, breath control, speech, text work, building a vocal warm-up and strengthening the individual voice. Singing is a valuable tool that enhances the actor’s ability to communicate with an audience. Our programme provides the opportunity for each student to strengthen and gain confidence in their singing voice, both as an individual and as a member of a musical ensemble. 


Our modules are taught in intensive blocks designed to expose students to a variety of specialist skills that will expand their horizons as an artist. Examples may include: Acting for Film and Television, Auditioning, Mask and Commedia dell’arte, Clowning and Bouffon, Physical Theatre, Stage Combat, Puppetry, Cabaret and Mime. 


VETA believes in the power of vocational study and that the best way of learning is through practice. Throughout the first and second semester students are given the opportunity to share and showcase their creative work. At the end of first year, students collaborate with professional guidance on a devised theatre piece for public performance. At the end of the second year, students work on a final full-scale theatre production with a professional director.


2 years full-time training

Work language

35 weeks per year:
Winter Semester— 
16 Sept. 2019 - 31 Jan. 2020
Spring Semester—
11 Feb. 2020 - 26 June 2020

Contact hours
high level of contact time

€ 3,750 per semester

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Our approach to actor training is to encourage you to gather inspiration through careful observation of the world around you, to process that information and have the tools needed to turn your observations into creative expression.